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About me



Hi there!
My name is Pamela and this is a brief story about Pamela Design Shop.

I graduated in late 2019, I had so many plans that had to wait so I decided to start my online shop while spending more time at home.


I wanted to help other small businesses with their Branding process. Many people had to reinvent their lives, and I knew how overwhelming it could be.

It's been a beautiful process. I've worked on so many projects and connected with wonderful people from all over the world. 
It's a constant challenge to have the responsibility of designing the right product for my clients, and I love every part of it. 

Thank you so much

for taking the time to read my story.

About me - Pamela Design Shop

I care so much about every aspect of my business. I'm the owner, logo designer, website designer, branding specialist, customer service, and digital marketing.

Yes, basically everything!

Even though I would love to expand and have a team at some point, I'm happy to do it all by myself.

I put so much love into every project.


Life is unexpected, and you should do more of what you love!.

Pamela x

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Start your own


If you're thinking about starting your own business, feel free to message me!
I'm always happy to work on new projects! 
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